Since 1983 - Kleinbus Blank, your partner for busses up to 30 seats

Since our foundation in 1983, we have been active in Munich and beyond and have played a leading role in developing professional transportation for in the segment of small and medium sized busses. When we started out, small busses were - if at all - merely used for schoolbus services.

Today, small busses are an integral part of professional passenger transport - for private, as well as corporate groups and events. Demand for comfort and high level outfit has risen ever since, leading to manifacturers of such vessels having to adapt to modern day standards such as leather seats, kitchen or TV sets.

We are well versed in that area of passenger transportation and are able to provide coaches perfectly fitting to your needs and demands. Please make sure to contact us early in your planning process so we can help you to make the transportation of you, your group or your guests as convenient as possible.



München We are your partner for small groups in Munich


Riemer Str. 349
81829 München


Tel:  +49 89 / 907783910
Fax: +49 89 / 907783920

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